WIP Wednesday 4/52

I’m back to knitting! Most of the last week was spent catching up on daily squares on my blanket. I was a week behind, so there was a lot of catch up knitting to do.

Once I was caught up I got down to business. I finished the gusset on John’s second sock last night. I’ll post pictures of them next week.

I actually picked up my cocoon cardigan this week! I’m done sewing in the ends, and I hope to pick up the bottom band and start knitting it this week. In addition to being mouse brown and acrylic it is also HUGE. I keep telling myself it will be cozy, but I still kind of hate it.

So big there is lots of room for a hoodie under it.

I’m also making some fingerless mitts for a friend. It is nice to have a quick project. It would be a lot quicker if I would focus on making them instead of having so many active projects.20180123_212541.jpg

I might be overdoing the knitting, as my thumbs have started to bother me again. I’m going to slow down and work on other things (like, I don’t know, actually cleaning my house or something). I’m still going to knit, just not as much as I would like to.

Happy knitting!

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