WIP Wednesday

It is suddenly super hot here again, which makes it hard to reach for knitting. It is our local fall festival this weekend, and temps will be in the 90s. It sure doesn’t feel like fall. We’ve been outside a lot, but I have managed to make some knitting progress.

I have 12 rows left on my Wonder Woman Wrap. That’s about 4 hours of work. Because the rows take so long I’m concerned I’m going to get sick of it and throw it in a bag in my closet alongside my retirement cardigan. As a preventative measure I’m only doing three rows a day, so I never get totally disgusted with it. If all goes well next week I’ll tell you how happy I am to be done with it. The rows take a long time and it is garter, so it gets mind-numbingly tedious, but it is gorgeous and I really do love it.

My socks are moving along, slowly. I’m currently on the heel flap of the second sock. I think I’m going to try some DK slipper socks next. I’ve never made DK socks before, so I’m starting to look for a pattern. If you have any suggestions let me know.

Wish me luck in getting my wrap done, please.

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