WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! I was able to get a lot of knitting in this weekend.

I finished my Halloween socks. I love how they look, but they are a little loose. I cast on a new pair of Felici socks for myself a few days ago and went down a needle size. I’m hope having a pair in each size will help me decide what size I should use for plain vanilla socks.

I finished all of the yellow on the Wonder Woman Wrap. I can’t wait to get started on the next section, but it will have to wait until I have the time to sit down and knit for a couple of hours straight. It is a short row section. Short rows, like turning the heel and picking up the gusset on the sock, are easier for me to do in one sitting.

I hope to start working on the cardigan again soon. It’s in the low 70s today, which means cardigan weather is fast approaching.

I hope you get lots of knitting done this weekend!


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