WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! I feel like so much has happened knit-wise for me to discuss with you this week, but that might be because I met a running buddy for wine so I am super chatty.

The cardigan is mid seaming! I’ve done the shoulder seams, sewn the arms in, and sewn one side seam. I really thought I would get it out and seam it and it would feel great and I would just get it all done in one evening. HA! It turns out the cardigan is not like the dorky girl in a teen comedy where you take her glasses off and she’s stunning. Nope. I still hate working on the cardigan.

The really annoying thing is I can now see that it is going to be great next winter and I’ll wear it a lot. I’m sorry if I see you IRL while wearing the cardigan and tell you about how much I hated working on it. In fact, if you mention that you understand how I hated the color, or you can see how ugly it was to work on I will immediately hate you. Just tell me it’s pretty, OK?

I’m pretty close to finishing John’s first sock. I need him to try it on, because I think it is long enough to start decreasing for the toe. He insists on finishing dinner before trying it on, and I think that if you are a grown man eating Kraft Mac & Cheese at 9:30 at night you can pause a moment to try on a flipping sock.

But if he forgets to try on the sock tonight I still have a project to work on, as I cast on a pair of simple skyp socks with some Knit Picks Chroma I got in a $10 grab bag. They are fun, and look great in the yarn. I have better sock yarn to work with in my stash, but I didn’t need to wind the Chroma. I don’t plan on spending a lot of time working on these socks until John’s socks are done.

I mentioned last week that I was hesitant to cast on a new pair of socks until I started Audrey’s Owl Sweater. Well, I started it this week, and worked the yoke until the sleeves are put on waste yarn. I would love to be working on it instead of the Chroma socks, but I didn’t realize until I was cast on that I do not own a 16″ size 8 needle. I ordered one and it has shipped, but will not arrive until the end of the month.

This week I hope to finish sock 1 for John and be at the heel of sock 2. I hope to finish the seaming of the cardigan. I do not expect to pick up all of the stitches for the collar for a week or two. As soon as my new size 8 arrives I plan on getting Audrey’s cardigan finished.

I hope you’re having a great week and are getting things done!

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