WIP Wednesday

I have big news: we finished the dishcloth project! My friends and I made over 140 dishcloths for the Des Moines YMCA Supportive Housing Complex. I’m so happy to be done with the project, as a lot of people are about to get some handmade goodness and I’m able to work on knitting projects that aren’t cotton based. I’m going to continue to knit one dishcloth a week for them, so there are always dishcloths available as new residents move in. 20170528_140905

After my Crafternoon meeting on Sunday where we met our goal, I felt a rush of joy thinking about how much knitting I was going to get done. I finished Mary-Claire’s socks, which I had not anticipated doing this week. I love the pattern (school pick up line socks), but I’m not a fan of the yarn – it is not sparkly enough.


Last night I actually picked up my cardigan and worked on it for a bit. I finished the increases on the second sleeve. I should be able to finish the sleeve this week if I actually sit down and knit on it.

I’m about to cast on another pair of toddler socks for Audrey, this time in Knit Picks Felici in Soft Serve. I don’t really like the colorway, but I am bound and determined to work through some stash, and toddler socks are an instant gratification way to do that.

This week I hope to finish the second sleeve on the cardigan and finish one toddler sock. I am trying to get more done around the house now that the kids are old enough to play a bit without screaming too much, so my knitting will probably slow down a little for now (for the next week or so until I give up on having a clean house).

I hope you have a productive week. If you have any good excuses for not cleaning your house and knitting instead please let me know.

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