5 on Friday: Spring

5-on-fridayHappy Friday! This week, when I haven’t been knitting socks or taking care of a sick kid I have been daydreaming about spring. We have spent a lot of time outside this winter, and I anticipate being outside even more once it is warmer. There are so many things to look forward to about spring. Here are five things I’m looking forward to.

Long Walks

If you follow me on Instagram you have probably noticed that we are out walking a lot. Both kids love going for long walks, which can be hard in the winter because it is so cold. I love our stroller, and I can’t wait to hit the pavement even more when spring gets here.

We have the rain cover for the single Indie, and I am contemplating buying the double rain cover. There are so many times I want to go for a walk but it looks like rain so we stay in, only to have it not rain. Curses! If I had the rain cover we would just go. I don’t care if I get wet.

Bike Rides

Elliot turns one in April. At that point we will start using the bike trailer to do short family bike rides. I’m probably not going to ride far with them (that’s a lot of weight to pull when you haven’t been on a bike in two years), but I plan to bike to the library all summer.


Audrey is obsessed with tea parties and picnics. She thinks one of the coolest things ever is sitting at a picnic table. I hope to eat outside as often as possible starting this spring. It could be tough with Elliot, but bringing our travel high chair will help.


Last spring my life was too crazy to pay attention to baseball. I’m looking forward to watching games this summer. We are going to take the kids to Sec Taylor to see the I Cubs play at least once this season.

More Light

Once we spring forward I will be relishing all of the light in the evening. More light leads to grilling and patio time at our house. John and I will sit by the fire after the kids go to bed and catch up on our days. It’s always a good time.

What are you looking forward to about spring?

WIP Wednesday


I have gotten an obscene amount of knitting done this week. I got a lot of work done on my cardigan – I was able to bind off the back a few days ago and started on the front right panel. I also finished my Pick Up Line socks last Friday and started a new pair as soon as I wove in the ends.

The yarn I am using (Knit Picks Felici Pinata) is self striping. I prefer basic socks when I’m knitting with self striping yarn. Normally I rock at 3 x 1 rib, but this time I tried a 3 x 2 rib as recommended by a prolific sock knitting friend. The 3 x 2 rib is flying. I think I found my new mindless sock.

I’m not using a pattern, I just cast on 65 stitches on size one needles. I’m really bad at remembering how to turn a heel, so I just grabbed a random pattern from my library to look up how many stitches to knit before you turn.

I’m probably going to finish the toe tonight.

babies love circular needles

I have never knit a pair of socks this quickly, but it has been a weird week around here. Both kids have been sick so they have been sleeping more than usual, which increases my knitting time. We’ve also been staying home because they are sick, and I can usually get a lot done while they play. John picked up food poisoning yesterday, so instead of going into our room to pick up my nighttime knitting (the cocoon cardigan) I just worked on the socks last night.  I’ve also been ignoring things like dusting or cooking because I really want to get to the next stripe. And then the next stripe. And then the next stripe. It’s the just one more row issue to the extreme.

What’s next on my needles? A really boring, plain yarn that I’m not overly fond of. I need something that will slow me down. I am going to follow NothingButKnit‘s advice and try the Simple Skyp Socks. I’m going to be travelling this weekend, and it looks like the perfect pattern to pass the time in the car.

Have you ever flown through a project? What was it?