WIP Wednesday: Dishcloths, Dishcloths, Dishcloths


How is it already Wednesday? Having a toddler that refuses to nap takes away from my knitting time, but I have managed to do a few things this week. I have done some work on the left panel of my cardigan, and completed about one repeat of the pattern on my sock. For the most part I’ve been focusing on dishcloths this week.

For a few months now I’ve been thinking about tithing my knitting. If I spent 10% of my knitting time working on projects for charity I could make a big difference. That leaves 90% of my time to make things that I want to make for fun. I wasn’t how to get started on tithing, and then I received an e-mail from a Crafternoon friend that gave me the answer. She suggested that as a group we make dishcloths for every resident at the YMCA Supportive Housing Campus.

The Supportive Housing Campus provides affordable efficiency apartments for over 140 people transitioning out of homelessness. As the residents move in they are given a basket of items to make their apartment a home. Every home needs a dishcloth, and a handmade one will hopefully let the residents know that someone cares about them and believes in their success.

There are a lot of dishcloths to make, and I have committed to making 5 a week until every resident has one. Luckily my friends are also knitting for the cause, so it is daunting task, but doable. Hopefully by summer we will be done.

This week I’m going to continue to knit dishcloths. I’m also going to work on my socks here and there. I’m hoping all of the dishcloth knitting will inspire me to pick a new project that I’m actually excited to knit.

If you want to help us knit for this cause let me know. We will happily take help to make this happen.


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