WIP Wednesday – Not much Progress


Happy Wednesday! This week I haven’t been doing much work on knitting, as Audrey is giving up her pacifier and that has been very exhausting for everyone in the house. Instead of knitting I’ve been having a glass of wine and playing around on my phone in the evenings. I am beat after dealing with a very sad and cranky toddler who refuses to nap. I’m hopeful that the situation will improve soon and I’ll get back to knitting.

Despite the lack of knitting, I did meet the goals I set for knitting last week. I finished the first Hermoine’s Everyday sock and have a few repeats done on the leg. I finally finished the front right panel of the cardigan today and started the left front panel. I hope to have it halfway done by next week.

I hope you have been more productive than me this week. Did you complete any projects? Can you relate to taking away a pacifier?

2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – Not much Progress

  1. So. My last child, strangely enough named Aubrey, was the only one addicted to her pacifier (named soothie). Dental Dave told me she had to have it taken away from her before she turned 1, lest it lead to dental issues. She was 11 months. I took it away and put it in the dirty diaper sack so I wouldn’t weaken and give it back to her when naptime became a nightmare. Guess who got a new soothie before the sun went down?
    It gets easier. She gave it up a couple of months later.
    Hi, Squid!!

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