WIP Wednesday – Back to Sock

I finished the hats. They were fast and easy, which meant that I was SO BORED by the end. I’m hoping never to make another one.

After I finished them I was able to dive into another pair of socks. I’m using some gorgeous Malabrigo from Ivy. She gave me a lot of sock yarn because she hadn’t knit socks in five years. As soon as she purged her yarn she started knitting socks again. Knitters are funny. I love this yarn. Malabrigo is smooshy and feels so good to knit with. I adore this colorway too.

wp-1487816183407.jpgThe pattern I’m using is School Pick Up Line Socks by Lisa Beth Houchins. She also designed the Up All Night socks I recently finished that I could not stop knitting. I’m knitting them with size 1 needles instead of 1.5 needles, and I’m using my usual toe instead of the toe in the pattern.

I like this pattern because it is easy to memorize. I can pick them up and knit a row here or there. Meals currently last so long I can knit an entire repeat while the kids eat dinner. It is an easy pattern to drop mid row and pick up later without losing my place – for some reason my two year old doesn’t want to wait until I’m done with the row for me to help her.

I used to hate knitting the second sock of a pair. The excitement of seeing the pattern develop with the first sock was great, but the second sock seemed to drag. That has switched since my 5 year sock hiatus. I now love the second sock. I know exactly how far to go until I’ll be done. I like knowing that I have 8 repeats and a toe left.

I’m fairly confident I’ll be able to wrap this pair up this week. I think I’ll cast on a pair of striped socks next. I’ll also make sure I get some knitting done on my cardigan. What are you working on? Do you have a sock pattern you think I should check out?

6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – Back to Sock

  1. Your socks are great! Have you knit Monkey socks by Cookie A? They’re quick because you want to knit one more repeat. Also great for striped yarn. I also enjoyed Simple Skype socks and Hermione’s Everyday socks.


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