WIP Wednesday – Hats Galore

I finally finished my socks! Instead of casting on a new pair, I’m making some pussy cat hats for seven friends. I’m thinking of this as one project instead of 7 because these hats go so fast.

Knitting 7 of the same hat is very boring, but I’m getting there. Today I cast on hat 6 of 7. I’m trying to knit one a day. That’s the beauty of super bulky yarn – it is fast moving.


This is not a color, yarn, or weigh of yarn I would normally work with. I can’t say much positive about it, other than it is very seasonal. It was 40% off at Knit Picks, so I guess I can also say that it was cheap.


The seventh hat is going to be knit in DK weight yarn with multiple strands of yarn held together. I’m trying to decide if I should use 3 or 4 strands. It’s also going to be knit in acrylic for a wool allergic friend. I’m usually not a fan of knitting with acrylic, so I might have to whip something up in a luxurious wool angora blend to make up for it. My sister just requested a hat, so that might be my ticket to pretty yarn town.

Next week I hope to have a new sock update, or, if I’m incredibly motivated, a sweater update. What’s on your needles this week?

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