WIP Wednesday

Do you remember last week when I swore I would be done with my Up All Night Socks? It turns out I am a lying liar. I just finished the gusset on the second sock last night. I am making progress, it is just slower than I would like.


Why so slow? Because I decided we needed a new dishcloth, proceeded to work on the dishcloth after a couple of glasses of wine, and then tried to finish the dishcloth. It turns out Wine Sarah* is not so good at entrelac – I added a square when I should have added a triangle. It took me over an hour of knitting the top triangle and not being able to make it work before I thought about looking at what Wine Sarah had knit the night before.

I hope to finish the Up All Night socks this week, but I’m not going to make any promises. Maybe I’ll put them to the side and actually get to work on one of my sweaters.

What’s on your needles? Are you hoping to finish any projects this week?


*Can we make this a nickname for me? After 2 glasses of wine I turn into Wine Sarah – rosy face and knitting mistake prone.

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