WIP Wednesday

The kids are at a really great age for my knitting. They have about 45 minutes of overlapping naps now. I should use that time for cleaning my house, cooking, on petting my formally adored, currently neglected, dog. Sometimes I do those things, but usually I knit.

Knitting is therapeutic for me. It calms my mind. It helps me relax. For me it is more than craft, it is a spiritual practice. Knitting is creating and praying all in one. Remind me to tell you more about that in a future blog post.

Because I’m able to knit more, I decided to start sharing what I’m working on most Wednesdays. I usually knit things that take longer than a week to finish, so you’ll get to see the progress I’m making or not making (cough, retirement cardigan, cough).

I recently started knitting socks again. I had been knitting basic ribbed socks because I don’t have think about them while knitting. I can pick them up and put them down and always know where I’m at.

A few days ago I started working on Up All Night Socks by Lisa Beth Houchins (she’s awesome), after she assured me I would be able to memorize the pattern easily.  I’m knitting with some Patons sock yarn Ivy (also awesome) gave me after cleaning up her stash.


You guys, I have a huge bone to pick with Lisa now. She never mentioned how fun these are to knit. These socks are so damn addictive. I’ve haven’t been this enamored with a pattern since Monkey, which I made over six years ago. The pattern is easy, and I’m able to drop it when the kids need something and pick it back up without any issue. I would almost describe it as too easy, as I keep picking it up and working on it. I can’t stop. I try to work on socks during the day and my sweater at night, but since I started these socks I haven’t touched my sweater.

One good thing about them being so addictive is you will probably see a different project next Wednesday. Of course, it might be another pair of these socks.

What’s on your needles?


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